Designed for you, Designed for life.

 Make sure that you or someone you love can continue to live at home – enjoying an active and independent lifestyle – with the security of having immediate access to professional help in the event of an emergency. 

Any time you need help press the button on your Personal Help Button.  This will activate your “CarePartner 6800 Communicator” console unit in your home.  The unit will automatically call the monitoring center.  A professionally trained operator views your name, address and other vital information on the computer screen and asks you what type of help you need.  If you cannot answer, help is sent immediately.

For your peace of mind the “CarePartner 6800 Communicator” console sends signals to the Monitoring Center to verify the system is functioning properly.  Your lightweight, waterproof transmitter (wristband or neck cord) lets the Monitoring Center know that the pendant and its battery are functioning properly.  Should a problem occur you will be contacted and a trained technician will come to your home to rectify the problem.

 Additional System Features:

·        Phone Line Seizure lets the system take control of the phone line
    plugged into the console.

Visual Signal warns if a phone line is disconnected.
·        Voice Communicator verifies you have activated the system.
·        Back-Up Battery automatically recharges the system in case of
    power failure.