9500 Telephone

 “Comprehensive Medical Alert
 Service - With Added Support To
   Help You Stay In Your Home”


The Philips Lifeline CarePartner Telephone advances product design to the next level to help seniors improve their quality of life.  Fully maintaining all the benefits associated with a medical alert service, this product delivers a critical added advantage of personal reminders.  Family and professional caregivers now have a means to help seniors maintain health and well-being schedules. 

• Enunciated dialing announces each number dialed
• Large illuminated keypad
• High-volume Speaker and handset
• Three position ring volume
• Hearing aid compatible handset
• Memory dial keys
• Raised dot of “5” key for subscribers with sight limitations

The Philips Lifeline CarePartner Telephone offers all the benefits of a medical alert service, plus useful reminders that help subscribers manage their medications and other aspects of their care plans.  Family and professional caregivers can record up to six (6) personalized reminder messages assisted by simple voice prompts. 

Subscribers benefit from a special senior-friendly telephone.  The design includes audible dialing and large keypad for seniors with poor vision.  Adjustable speaker volume ensures audibility for seniors with hearing loss.

As with all our Philips Lifeline Systems, you have your choice of a neck cord or wristband waterproof transmitter.  The CarePartner 9500 Telephone has a rechargeable battery back-up that will last up to 24 hours during a power failure.