“Philips Lifeline”

 Personal Help Buttons


 Choice of reliable button designs can allow seniors
to live more confidently in their own homes.

Philips Lifeline’s comfortable and attractive Personal Help Buttons are designed to help seniors at home. Quick assistance can be accessed when needed by simply pressing the button.  The lightweight designs encourage constant wear for continuous protection. 

 Slimline Pendant

The Slimline Personal Help Button is small, lightweight, and completely waterproof to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.  Slimline’s attractive design reduces the stigma associated with wearing a Personal Help Button.  Slimline can be worn as a pendant with an adjustable neck cord or easily converted to a wristband with a soft, adjustable elastic strap.

 Tempo Watch

The Tempo Watch combines the reliability of Timex with the built-in security of the Lifeline service.  Attractively designed with elder-friendly features, the Tempo Watch serves as both an attractive timepiece and Personal Help Button.  The water- resistant watch features large, easy-to-read numbers with a help button large enough to be seen and pressed easily without affecting the watch’s aesthetics or generating accidental signals.  A variety of watchband styles are available, including a metal band and an adjustable leatherette band in black.  The Tempo Watch is considered a personal timepiece and must be purchased by the client.  Call for price.

 Automatic Low Battery Detection

All the Personal Help Buttons (PHB) automatically detects and reports low-battery conditions so you don’t have to concern yourself.  We will contact you to setup an appointment to replace your PHB.  (Tempo Watch must be shipped back to Philips Lifeline for service).