The Reassurance Program is designed to insure anyone who is at risk while home alone receive a daily call or calls from a trained technician.  We will call the person each day at a designated time or times to check on the personís well being and to give the person any necessary instructions as recorded on the subscription form.  Responders are listed on the subscription form.  If the client does not answer the telephone, a responder will be contacted.  EMS will not be called.  The operator will also contact a responder, if the subscriber requests it.  The calls provide reassurance to the families that someone has been in contact with the person each day.  The client can also be assured someone will be calling to check on his or her well being.

A client might require a call for any of the following reasons:

                    General wellness check

                    Medication reminder

                    Wake-up call

                    Dietary requirements

                    Exercise reminder 



The Reassurance Program was created for the person who felt they do not need a medical alert system in their home, however, want the assurance of daily contact for health concerns or support and safety.

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