Philips Lifeline

Voice Extension 68XT

 Now the subscriber can be heard here and there

 Being able to be heard during a “Help Call” is a common concern addressed by the Voice Extension 68XT.  Designed for those who live in larger or multi-story homes, this accessory enables a second two-way speakerphone in the home to better enable voice communication in remote areas.

Frequently we encounter subscribers who are concerned about what will happen in an emergency if they cannot be heard.  We assure you that even when we are unable to hear you during a “Help Call” our protocol is to send a responder.  Nevertheless, it’s easy to understand how the idea of waiting helplessly on the floor, wondering if help is on the way, may cause anxiety and may even make a person less inclined to make use of the remote areas of their home.

Benefits of the Voice Extension 68XT:

·        Helps reduce anxiety over the ability to communicate in an emergency.

·        Helps subscribers in larger homes feel more confident to make use of more areas of their home.

·        Can alleviate the annoyance that some subscribers may experience when they have generated an accidental signal that they are unaware of because they are outside the audio range of their communicator.